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  • Champagne Crab

    Champagne Crab

    Hypothalassia acerba Champagne crab are a unique looking species of crab found along much of the West Australian coast. They have long been an under-utilised … Read more »

  • Crystal Crab (Snow Crab)

    Chaceon albus Found along the west coast of Australia ranging from just north of Carnarvon down around the south western cape to Bremer Bay on … Read more »

  • Southern Rock Lobster

    Jasus Edwardsii As the name implies the Southern Rock Lobster are found living in the pristine cold waters along the Southern Australian coast. This species … Read more »

  • Western Rock Lobster

    Panulirus cygnus Western Rock Lobster can be found along a large portion of the Western Australian coast and are the basis for the largest fishery … Read more »

  • King Crab

    Pseudocarcinus gigas Found along the southern coast of Australia from Albany to the Tasmanian east coast at depths of greater than 200m. These crabs are … Read more »