About us

Established in 2007 to meet an increasing demand for fresh, quality seafood from Western Australia, Chaceon now controls approximately 70% of the Crystal Crab caught and supplies a wide selection of the best seafood the region offers.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the local fisheries and crabbing industry, managing director David Hand is passionate about supplying premium live seafood sourced responsibly from the region. For this very reason, Chaceon is committed to sustainable fishing practices and ensures that produce is handled respectfully from the ocean floor to restaurant.

Dedicated to supplying the best of the region’s seafood, Chaceon has multiple boats ranging the WA coast, as well as a processing facility conveniently located close to the Perth CBD. In ensuring the freshness and the highest quality produce, the Osborne Park facility is fitted with tanks for all seafood to be delivered live. These onsite tanks are designed to mimic oceanic environments, and are filled with pure seawater that is chilled to between 6 and 16 degree Celsius, and filtered to maintain optimal conditions.

Over the years, Chaceon has built a strong reputation around Australia and into Asia for supplying quality live seafood to the wholesale and food service industries, and providing customers with unrivalled expert advice and outstanding service.


Managing Director David Hand has over 30 years experience in the industry. Perth born David began fishing for Rock Lobster in Geraldton on the west coast of Australia  in 1978. Over the years he ranged from Sharks Bay in the North to Albany in the South giving him a first hand knowledge of  how to  successfully manage different fishing operations in Western Australia. In 2002  he started catching crystal crab and helped develop the  fishery to its present day status. In co-operation with the Western Australian Fisheries department it has become a sustainable well managed fishery. In the last few years David has had to spend most of his time on land ensuring the development of Chaceon.